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throughout London & surrounding areas.


Laundry Service London

Laundry Service London is one of the UK's leading workwear and Laundry services. With our expert team, we provide an affordable, efficient laundry service for individuals and businesses in London. Laundry Service London offers a premium range for those seeking a complete garment service if you're searching for a fast turn around and professional uniforms look no further. Laundry Service London make running a business that much easier, we provide trusted laundry services as well as a couture workwear rental service for restaurants, hotels, industrial sector and commercial businesses in London. So once you're shift is up, just bring it back to us and we will have it looking brand new again. Bringing professionalism back to business with Laundry Service London.

We work intimately with renowned top of the line hotels, businesses, restaurants and front of house in London to convey a smooth and effective bespoke workwear hire, linen hire and laundry service worked around your requirements and aspirations. Putting imagination at the core of our business, we are committed to transforming all aspects of the commercial sectors into a high end, quality and reliable organisation. Laundry Service London is an experienced expert laundry business specialising in the laundry of London's most established restaurants, events, hotels and businesses.

Regardless of whether you are a private client or a national industry with various destinations, we will put your prerequisites first. We are pleased with our notoriety for giving reliably excellent Laundry Service London to every one of our clients. Providing a clean, professional and proficient laundry service is why we are one of the UK's most established linen and laundry experts. We know and comprehend the restaurant and hotel business, and the guidelines that it needs to reach each day.


The ultimate Laundry Service
appropriate for your industry.

Hospitality - Laundry Services London

As one of the UK's leading workwear rental and laundry service companies we specialise in the rental of hospitality uniforms for a large sector of industries. From front of house to the experts in the kitchen County Linen offer a complete all round workwear and laundry service to catering to all you needs and requirements. Laundry Services London supply many bespoke styles and colours as well the standard traditional uniforms for all hospitality venues, our unique service allows us to work closely with clients to build suitable uniforms tailored to them.

Food industry

When it comes to the food industry it is imperative to stay clean and efficient throughout your shift. When working in a hot kitchen all day you can start to feel restricted that's why our food industry garments are custom made to allow swift cool movements to make your busy day as fluent as possible. County Linen offers not only workwear rentals but we also do the laundry too! Just bring it back to us and our laundry services London will take care of the dirty work so you don't have to.

Light & heavy industries

Laundry Service London is a reputable workwear rental and laundry service company for the construction, automotive, metal and safety work sectors. Our bespoke and standard uniform range offers durability and protection for your employees, Laundry Service London offer specialist uniforms to protect you against potentially hazardous as well as keeping you professional. Our light and heavy industry service come with complete packages, making your days work as stress-free as possible. County Linen ensures premium Laundry services with all workwear rentals, so you don't need to worry about putting the laundry on when you get home! Our experts are specialised in using high-end materials to keep garments in the best conditions and still maintain it's durable protective layers. We operate throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Safety work

At Laundry Services London we provide a premium workwear rental and laundry service for those in the safety work sector. County Linen provides business with an easy workwear rental and laundry method to help make your job as stress-free as possible. For those who work in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical research field then Laundry Services London offers specialised contamination free garments and wash service, our experts use high-end equipment essential to avoiding air contamination. As professionals in the Laundry Service, we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.
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